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Navigating the car finance realm can be complex, but the team at Horizon Finance has made a name for itself by simplifying the journey. With over 25 years of combined experience and access to a large number of lenders and loan products, financing your next vehicle couldn’t be easier. Our team of experts which match you with a car loan that is just right for you and tailored to your specific needs. With fast approvals and same day settlements, we can get your dream car into your driveway faster than you think.


Thinking of buying a new car? Whether it’s a brand-new model or a pre owned vehicle we’ve got the perfect car loan to help you make it yours. Whether that be a brand new SUV, 4×4 UTE for work, an economic car to run around in or luxury sports car at Horizon Finance we have got you covered. We promise to provide a solution that fits your needs perfectly.


Get the Novated Lease Benefit When Getting Your Next Vehicle – Your Bank Account Will Thank You.

Imagine strolling into a car dealership, with the confidence that you are about to make a choice that is not only smart but also going to save you a ton of money. That’s precisely the kind of assurance a novated lease brings to the table when you are on the lookout for your next car. We’ve got this area covered so you don’t have to.

Chattel Mortgage

If your business is in the market for an additional vehicle, further equipment, or looking to enhance your truck fleet, opting for a chattel mortgage can be a cost-effective solution.

Leveraging a chattel mortgage to facilitate your acquisition not only grants you access to the most competitive rates in the market but also allows you to avail yourself of various tax advantages.

Commercial Hire Purchase

A Business Lease-to-Own Arrangement, also known as a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), is a financial agreement that enables a business to acquire vehicles or equipment through a loan.

In this arrangement, the finance company buys the desired vehicle or equipment on behalf of your business, allowing you to use it while making regular monthly payments. You essentially “rent” the item until you complete all the payments, at which point the ownership of the asset gets transferred to you. This transfer happens either after the last installment is paid, or after settling a potential balloon payment.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to trade in or sell the vehicle at any point during the agreement. Should you choose to retain the vehicle or equipment at the end of the term, there is an option to refinance any remaining balance, if applicable, to secure ownership.

Low Doc Loans

Did the bank reject your application due to insufficient documentation? Fed up with the constant hurdles put forth by banks?

Whether your business is in the market for a new vehicle or essential equipment, we understand that compiling a mountain of documents isn’t the best use of your time. That’s why we have the perfect solution for you – loans that require little to no documentation. Say goodbye to the tedious paper-chase and hello to a hassle-free loan experience. Consult with our team of professionals today to discover the advantages of opting for a documentation-free loan.