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Whatever The Occasion, Horizon Finance Has Got Your Back

Trying to find your way through the world of personal finance often feels like a convoluted maze, but Horizon Finance stands out for its knack in making the journey simple and straightforward. Drawing upon an impressive 25 years of collective experience and a wide array of lending options, we’ve mastered the art of financing your next endeavor. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in the art of pairing you with a personal loan that fits you like a glove and is customised to your unique requirements. Expect swift approvals and fast settlements – we’re here to turn your dreams into reality faster than you can imagine.

Low Rate Personal Loans

Tailored to your personal needs. With over 40 different lending partners that specialize in personal loans, we make sure that we match you with a lender that will have your best interests at heart and maximise your chances of getting your loan approved and funds in your bank account.

Fast Turnaround Times

Don’t wait days or weeks for your personal loan to be approved and processed. So long as you give us all the necessary information that we require, your funds could be with you faster than you can say “Abracadabra!”

Hassle Free and Simple

We make the process straightforward and easy. Nobody likes jumping through hoops and neither do we. You want a personal loan and we make it happen.

Trustworthy Advice

Our reputation speaks for itself. We don’t see our customers as short term clients. We partner with them for the long term. As a Horizon Finance family member you can rely on us anytime you are in need of more funds. We will always give you the best advice possible, help protect your credit file and pair you up with the most suited lenders. We hope you are our next 5 star customer.

Transparent and Upfront

Unlike other lenders and “loan sharks” we have built our reputation by always being honest and upfront with our clients. If we feel that taking out a loan may put you in financial hardship or a particular loan product wouldn’t be suitable for you, we will be upfront with you. We guide you through every step of the process ensuring you understand exactly what we are offering and how it works


Your eligibility for comparison rates hinges on various factors, including your loan amount, credit history, and more. In contrast to secured vehicle loans, personal loan interest rates are entirely contingent upon your creditworthiness. Our collaboration with a diverse panel of 40+ lenders ensures we can secure some of the most competitive rates available in the market.

Compared to secured personal loans, unsecured personal loans feature a more straightforward approval process. No asset details are required, and there are fewer intermediaries involved, making the process quicker. Unlike car loans, these funds can be utilized for a wide range of purposes, from covering wedding expenses to consolidating debt. However, it's worth noting that the convenience of obtaining a personal loan may come with slightly higher interest and comparison rates, as lenders undertake more risk than with secured loans.

Unfortunately our network of lenders only offer personal loans starting at $10,000, extending all the way up to $50,000. With such a diverse range of lenders, you can secure a personal loan for nearly any purpose, whether it's those long-delayed home repairs or the dream three-month European excursion you've been planning.

Yes, indeed! Horizon Finance collaborates with over 40 lenders to promptly deliver the most cost-effective unsecured personal loan rates, free of hidden fees. We conduct a "soft credit check" to offer indicative pre-approval based on your profile. This means you receive fully personalized interest rates upfront without it being recorded as an inquiry on your credit report. We hold an Australian Credit License, underscoring our commitment to your application's seriousness.

At Horizon Finance, our offerings extend beyond personal loans. We cater to a diverse range of financial needs, including financing for various car finance, caravans, boats & jet skis to used cars. Additionally, we offer business loan and equipment finance solutions to suit your specific budget and requirements.