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Grab the Novated Lease Benefit While Getting Your Next Vehicle – It’s a Wallet-Friendly Choice

Grab the Novated Lease Benefit While Getting Your Next Vehicle – It’s a Wallet-Friendly Choice

Imagine strolling into a car dealership, with the confidence that you are about to make a
choice that is not only smart but also going to save you a lot of money. That’s precisely
the kind of assurance a novated lease brings to the table when you are on the lookout
for your next car. Yes, it’s kind of like a money-saving guarantee!

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Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Out-of-Pocket Expenses

But wait, the perks don’t stop at just saving money. Opting for a novated lease is akin to giving yourself a VIP treatment where you don’t have to constantly reach into your wallet for car-related expenditures. Whether it’s fuel, servicing, tyres, registration, or insurance – it’s all taken care of, wrapped in one neat package just for you. It’s almost like having a car that comes with a personal assistant that takes care of all its needs, making sure you have a smooth ride every time, without the constant worry of upkeep costs. Yes, we’ve got it all sorted out, so you can drive with peace of mind, always!
So, let’s break it down a bit. Imagine not having to be startled by sudden servicing costs or the rising prices of fuel. Picture yourself bypassing all those troubles with a simple yet effective solution – the novated lease. It’s a hassle-free pathway to not only owning a car but doing so without the accompanying stress of unpredictable expenses. That’s right, it’s a worry-free solution crafted with you in mind.

Embrace the Worry-Free Car Ownership Journey with a – Novated Lease

Yes, we are here to take all those pesky worries off your shoulders. Because with a novated lease, we have everything covered for you. Think of it as a friend who always has your back, ensuring you enjoy the perks of your ride without the common hassles that come with car ownership. It’s your ticket to a breezier, more enjoyable car experience.

Go ahead, embrace the novated lease and enjoy a new horizon of worry-free car ownership. It’s not just a wise financial decision, but a step towards a hassle-free vehicle experience where all your needs are met seamlessly, always. It’s about driving forward with confidence, knowing well that we’ve got you covered. Let’s make your car ownership journey a smooth sail with a novated lease!

What will a car cost me from my current take home pay (after tax)?

A good Novated Lease calculator will provide this information up front. Vehicle Solutions Novated Lease calculator tells you in less than 30 seconds the exact cost to your take home pay for any vehicle value you enter.

We have now included Electric Vehicles (EV’s) to show how the new government tax incentive is life changing for all employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the car for personal reasons?

You can use the vehicle for whatever purpose you like. There is no restrictions.

What if I don’t use my vehicle that much?

It’s ok. The rules about how many km’s you need to drive changed back in 2014. There
is a good chance that your vehicle will have a higher resale value due to the lower
amount of km’s on the odometer.

What happens at the end of the lease?

When the lease period concludes, you find yourself at a crossroads with three paths to choose from. Your first option is to acquire the vehicle outright by making a residual payment to the financier. Alternatively, you can opt to extend the lease through refinancing the residual amount. Your third choice allows you to exchange your current vehicle for a brand new one, or sell it privately to upgrade. Regardless of the path you choose, we'll be there to notify you well in advance and assist you in making the best decision for your circumstances.

Do I need to speak to my employer?

A novated lease represents a tripartite agreement involving you, your employer, and the financing party.

What if my boss says no?

Some employers often find themselves amidst a swirl of confusion just like the consumers/employees do. We are here to clear the fog; we can engage in a discussion with your employer to spotlight the advantages they can reap from this arrangement as well. Absolutely, it's not a one-way street – not only do you get to retain more of your hard-earned money, but your employer stands to gain financial benefits too.

Does FBT cancel my savings?

Certainly not. Given that we meticulously tailor the lease to be optimally conducive,
there isn't a more affordable or tax-efficient method to acquire a car, even when
compared to 0% finance deals.

What if I estimate my kms wrong?

Rest assured, this is a common occurrence. If your driving distance varies, either
increasing or decreasing in kilometers, we can revisit the lease terms to amend the
payment structure accordingly. Moreover, at the lease's end, you will receive
reimbursement for any untouched fuel and unutilized maintenance allowances.
Essentially, you are only responsible for the costs of the services you actually avail.