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Leveraging Horizon’s extensive network of lenders specializing in finance for boats, caravans, campers, and motorbikes, we can secure you the best loan featuring the lowest repayments. Our dedicated and friendly finance experts are committed to finding you the minimum interest rate, regardless of your purchase.

Be it acquiring a caravan for wandering escapades or grabbing the latest motorbike to enjoy rides with your friends, we have the ideal loan option tailored for you. Our team possesses not only expertise in finance but also understands the exact products you are interested in buying. United by shared passions, we too love the thrill of jet skiing across the bay, motorbike riding on the open road or taking our family on camping trips. This hands-on personal experience helps us in finding the most beneficial finance deal for you.


Whether you’re planning to wakeboard on a serene lake, sail through the picturesque Whitsundays in a yacht, or venture to the drop-offs for some deep-sea fishing adventures, we have the right loan solution to realize your dreams. Whether it’s a dealer or private sale, brand new or pre-owned, motorized or sail-powered, Horizon Finance can connect you to the best loan options available, ensuring you save more money for those perfect days out on the water for splendid day.


With extensive experience in the leisure finance sector, our experts have been successful in securing Australia’s most competitive rates for individuals looking to purchase their next caravan or camper. We not only understand the language of the industry but are also intimately familiar with the products you intend to buy, a knowledge that enables us to negotiate the most favorable rates for you. Be it seeking pre-approval to shop confidently at an upcoming outdoor expo, or finding a great deal through a private seller, we are here to tailor a loan solution to suit every budget.


If you’re seeking financial assistance for purchasing your next bike, Then your search stops with Horizon Finance.

Securing financing for your new bike is a breeze with Horizon Finance. We strive to facilitate a swift process so you can start riding without delay. Leveraging the expertise of our devoted finance specialists, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your loan features the most competitive rates and affordable repayments available in the current market.