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Car finance payments can at times be a necessary expense for individuals and businesses but can these payments be tax deductible?

Car finance payments can at times be a necessary expense for individuals and businesses alike. As such, it’s natural to ask whether these payments can be tax deductible. The answer, however, is not straightforward and depends on the type of car finance arrangement and the intended use of the vehicle.


For individuals, car finance payments are typically not tax deductible.

  • Typically, car finance payments are not tax deductible
  • Personal car expenses, such as car loan repayments, insurance, and fuel, are considered personal expenses and are not tax deductible


For businesses, car finance, tax deductible if used for business purposes

  • The amount that can be claimed as a tax deduction will depend on the nature of the business and how the vehicle is used
  • Borrowing expenses deductible over the life of the loan It is important to note that the tax treatment of car finance payments can vary between countries and depending on the specific tax laws of the jurisdiction in question.

Case Study 1: A Small Business Owner’s Tax-Savvy Investment

Meet Sarah, a small business owner who runs a successful marketing agency. As her business grows, Sarah realized she needed a reliable and versatile vehicle to keep up with her clients’ demands. After researching her options, Sarah decided to finance a new car to help her manage her busy schedule.

At Horizon Finance Group, we understand the unique needs of small business owners, which is why we tailored a finance deal specifically for Sarah. Our team of experts worked with Sarah to identify the best financing option that fit both her business needs and budget. With a favourable interest rate and flexible repayment terms, Sarah was able to secure a finance agreement that supported her business’s growth.

Case Study 2: An Employee’s considered Car Investment

Meet Mark, an experienced sales executive who was recently offered a company car as a benefit in kind by his employer. Mark was thrilled with this new perk, but also wondered about the financial implications of financing a company car.

That’s where Horizon Finance Group stepped in. Our team of finance experts worked with Mark and his employer to find a financing solution that maximised the benefits of his company car while also considering his personal financial situation. With a competitive interest rate, flexible repayment terms, and the convenience of having his car finance payments taken care of by his employer, Mark was able to make the most of this new opportunity.

At Horizon Finance Group, we’re dedicated to helping our clients make the most of their investments, including their car financing arrangements.

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