Maximise EOFY Opportunities | Horizon Finance Group Advice

If you’re considering upgrading equipment, expanding your fleet, or acquiring new assets before the end of the finacial year, the time is now.

With only 7 days remaining in the financial year, now is the opportune moment for businesses to strategically plan their investments and unlock growth potential. If you’re considering upgrading equipment, expanding your fleet, or acquiring new assets, asset finance can be a catalyst for your success. Horizon Finance Group is here to support you with comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless transition into the new financial year.

So, why should you consider asset finance in these final days? Our team put pen to paper to highlight the key reasons why our clients are considering asset finance and business loans in the lead-up to the end of the financial year.

1.Strategic Investments: The end of the financial year presents a prime opportunity for businesses to strategically invest in assets that can fuel growth and enhance operations. Asset or business finance can allow you to acquire essential equipment, machinery, or vehicles while spreading the cost over time. By leveraging this financing option, you can make significant investments without draining your cash reserves.


2.Tax Benefits and Savings: Investing in your business before the financial year-end can provide substantial tax benefits for businesses. By utilising asset finance, you can take advantage of potential tax deductions and incentives available for qualifying assets. This not only reduces your tax liability but also improves your overall financial position.


3.EOFY Deals: We love a deal and the end of the financial year often brings the opportunity to get great business deals on the latest technology and equipment. Finance enables you to stay technologically relevant by acquiring or upgrading assets without a significant upfront investment. By embracing cutting-edge technology, you can enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

At Horizon Finance Group, we understand the urgency and importance of making strategic financial decisions as the financial year draws to a close.

Our brokers and finance specialists are ready to provide tailored asset finance solutions that align with your business objectives and propel your growth. With our extensive network of lenders and industry experience, we can help you navigate the right options for you and help you secure a fantastic deal for your specific needs.

As the countdown to the financial year-end begins, there’s no time to waste. Consider your business goals, and speak with a broker to see what opportunities are at hand.

Contact us today to discuss your financial needs and ensure a strong start to the new financial year.